Upcoming Events

Currently revising dates for clinics in June – will be keeping groups to no more than 3 to ensure social distancing measures
can be maintained at all times. If you’re interested email me at imtroup@gmail.com or message me on instragram. Can also accommodate groups of 2 for those interested in a private class under these unique circumstances.


Euro Nymphing Master Class> – this clinic is for those who have foundational knowledge and basic nymphing experience. This class will take it to the next level. While there are many Euro Nymphing clinics being offered much of the information is dated or not as effective as the latest innovation in this deadly technique. I fish with the top anglers in the world and currently compete at the World level. I’ll pass along tips, tricks and techniques you simply won’t find in other workshops, starting at the flies, going through knots, leaders, rods, reels and watercraft – this is truly a master class. As this is a popular clinic that sells out quickly, I will be offering multiple dates through the year email me to reserve now. Only 4 anglers per session to ensure we can spend enough time one on one to get you ‘dialed in’!

I guarantee you will catch more fish in 2020 if you attend this session.
Where: Grand River
When: June TBD email me at imtroup@gmail.com if interested

Cost: $275 per angler (taxes included)

(maximum 4 participants)

Intro to Euro Nymphing – Euro Nymphing continues to gain popularity in North America. This workshop is for the beginner looking to learn the fundamentals of this killer technique. We’ll cover basics, reading the water, when and where to use this technique along with how to build your own custom leaders and all the flies you’ll need to get the job done. If you don’t have your own equipment, no problem we’ll provide everything you need. This is a popular session so email me to book your spot. Only 4 anglers per session to ensure one on one time.

This workshop will include:
  • All equipment (waders and boots on request)
  • Flies and how to choose for the conditions
  • The fundamentals of casting and nymphing
  • Easy knots and how to build your own leader
  • Reading the water to catch more fish
Where: Grand River

When: June TBD email me at imtroup@gmail.com if interested

Cost: $225 per angler (taxes included)

(maximum 4 participants)

Learn to master Stillwater – Workshop – This is a unique opportunity to increase your knowledge of Stillwater fishing as most anglers who have grown up river fishing struggle with the transition to Stillwater. In this clinic you’ll learn about choosing the right equipment, lines, understanding fly design and building your own leaders for any situation. We’ll cover multiple techniques from UK style Buzzer fishing, The Washing line, Bung, Boobies, Lures, Dry Flies and Loch Style watercraft – if any of those terms are new to you, don’t worry these are the best techniques from the World Class anglers across the pond and are not taught in Canada. This is a true workshop and very unique in which we’ll go for the classroom right to the lake and confident anglers with any level of experience will take away a wealth of knowledge which not only applies to trout, but all species. A must attend for any serious fly angler.

Where: Private Stillwater (North Toronto)

When: Currently unavailable

Cost: $300 per angler (taxes included)

(maximum 4 participants)

Advanced Casting workshop – learn to how to cast to catch more fish, not just to cast. This workshop is designed for those who understand the fundamentals but would like to ‘take it to the next level’. In this workshop you’ll learn that ‘friends don’t let friends false cast’ and how to cast into places you never dreamed possible.

This workshop will include:
  • Casting approach to nymph fishing
  • How to effectively cast dry flies
  • Casting streamers
  • Getting more distance with no false casts
  • Casting under branches without hanging up
Where: TBD

When: TBD

Cost: $225 per angler (taxes included)

(maximum 6 participants)

The River Master – Nymphing & Streamer strategies workshop – 90% of the time fish feed on or near the bottom, even during a hatch the big fish are still eating nymphs most of the time. This workshop is a ‘must have’ for anyone really serious about mastering the river. Simply put, if you want to catch more fish, you need to know how to fish nymphs and streamers effectively. This is not your average workshop, this will cover the tactics and approaches used by the best nymph fisherman in the world including new takes on traditional indicator, Euro and tight line fishing, along with modern streamer fishing.

This workshop includes:
  • Building the right strategy when you’re on the water
  • How and when to use various techniques
  • Effective short line and long line nymphing
  • Leader construction and how to use weight effectively
  • Approaching the water, casting and position to get the most effective drift
  • Active nymph fishing and when to use it
  • Fishing streamers more effectively – choosing the right approach
  • Workshop dates: Spring & Fall.  If interested – email me and I’ll keep you posted.

Dry fly workshop – this is what most people dream of when they take up the sport of fly fishing. Unfortunately people don’t learn how to fish dry flies effectively. There is a lot of bad information out there, in this workshop you’ll learn proven techniques to catch more fish on dry flies including some of the top dry fly techniques used in Europe. We’ll also cover how to fish emergers, more effectively.

This workshop includes:
  • Building the right leader for the job
  • Choosing the right flies based on the time of year & conditions
  • Proper positioning and reading the water
  • Casting a dry fly, casting to complement your leader
  • Dead drift of not to dead drift…we’ll answer that question
  • Dry dropper, when and how to fish properly
  • Workshop dates: TBD email me at imtroup@gmail.com if interested